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4th of July Fireworks

We have just been informed that the 4th of July fireworks will be set off in the East Cove…right in […]

Spring at the Inn

Spring is the undiscovered season in Maine…grass is green and bulbs are bright and vibrant…no washed-out colors here!  Warm and […]

See our video on YouTube!

See our new video on YouTube


Guess with these cold temperatures, we’ll be keeping the ice on the lake for awhile!  We’ll take it along with […]

Beautiful forecast for the weekend!

Happy Spring!!!!!  Looks like it is going to be an amazing weekend.  The cold nights (10 degrees tonight) are keeping the […]

We still have snow!

It is a beautiful day at Moosehead Lake, Maine  Blue sky and small fluffy white clouds!  We still have snow […]