Fabulous Fly-in

taking off

Planes lined up a the dock and two planes in a “timed-take-off contest”

The Kate and seaplane

The Katahdin going out and seaplane coming into the East Cove of Moosehead Lake

Fabulous weather brought out the crowds for The 37th International Seaplane Fly-in at Moosehead Lake, Maine.

crowds enjoy fly-in

Record-breaking crowds!

Flying over Moosehead Lake

View from the Greenville Inn

Seaplane taking off

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Forest Heritage Days

Forest Heritage Days- 20th Celebration
August 13th-14th

What is Forest Heritage Days?

Certified Logging Professional and the Game of Logging …
This is a weekend dedicated to providing the public with some knowledge and activities about the working forests of Maine.

The Certified Logging Professional (CLP) program has promoted and recognized professionalism among loggers since 1991.   There have been approximately 5,410 Maine loggers that have attended the CLP program. Safety, felling techniques, safe and efficient wood harvesting, forest management and silviculture, the business of logging and first aid for loggers are included in the curriculum.
The “Game of Logging” was incorporated into the CLP program in 1994. Since that time, this training system has become the standard for logger training nationwide. At this training, loggers develop skills to insure that trees fall in the right place and at the right time.

Some of the activities on this weekend are:

Friday, August 13th:

8:30 am -2:00 pm Bus Tour– (by reservation)

2:00 -5:00 pm Colby Woodsmen– The Colby Woodsmen Team will demonstrate some “old time logging skills”- they are amazing!

9:00 am- 4:00 pm-Moosehead Historical Society– The Center for Moosehead History & Lumberman’s Museum will be open for self-guided tours.
Moosehead Marine Museum– The restored steamboat The Katahdin will be going out on regular cruises.

Saturday, August 14th

9:00 am- 4:00 pm- Crafts & exhibitors throughout the day located on the grounds by the Greenville schools.

10:00 am- 3:30 pm- “Game of Logging”– Events include saw chain filing, speed cut, bore cut, precision stump, spring pole, precision bucking and precision felling.  This is the culmination of the 4 days of training with a competition by “the best of the best” competing for a share of a total prize package of $6,000.

And the best of all…you can finish each day off with a delectable meal at the Greenville Inn!  (If you are staying with us, you will also start off your day with our wonderful breakfasts!)

chocolate decandent cake with marconi mousse


Check Availability

Do we have a view of the lake?

We not only have a view of the lake, we also are only one block from the town & the lake!  The Master Suite & The Tower Suite have the best views, but all our guests get to enjoy our verandah & views from the dining rooms!  Below is a photo we took today (from the inn) of the East Cove of Moosehead Lake.  The restored steamboat, The Katahdin, is at the bottom of our hill (as you can see in the photo).   You can see for yourself how we have it all!

Visit us to enjoy “our point of view”

greenville inn view july 2010

Our point of view!

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Bluebirds Feeding Chicks

The bluebird chicks have hatched and we can hear all the chirping!  I was able to get some photos of Mr. Bluebird in the process of feeding the chicks!

Mr. Bluebird taking care of chicks

Feeding hungry chicks

Ready to make another run!

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Katahdin Starts 2010 Season

The Katahdin

The Katahdin

KATAHDIN Sailing Schedule 2010

June 29 – October 9

Tuesday – Saturday
No Cruises Sunday & Monday

September Slow Down
No regular cruises on Sept. 12 thru 17

Tuesday – Saturday
Senior (62+)………..$28
11 to 16 years……..$17
Under 11……………..FREE
(when accompanied by an adult)

Wednesdays – July 21, August 4, 18, September 1, 22, 29,    & October 6
Senior (62+)………..$33
11 to 16 years……..$20
Under 11……………..FREE
(when accompanied by an  adult)

Special rates for groups of 40 or more, must be pre-ticketed. Please call.
Children under eleven ride free when accompanied by an adult.
All children 10 and under must wear a life jacket at all times (State requirement).

Bike & Boat Cruise
June 26
11 am

This event kicks off our 2010 cruising season.  The cruise benefits C.A. Dean Hospital.  The bike race starts at the Katahdin in Greenville and ends at the Rockwood dock.  Join us for a trip to Rockwood to pick up the cyclists.

Ride one way or both for $15.

Departs Greenville at 11 am; Departs Rockwood at 1:30 pm

Japanese White Lilac in Bloom

Too bad there is no such thing as scratch-and-sniff on the internet, so you could smell the amazing fragrance coming from our very old Japanese White Lilac Tree which is in full bloom right now!   Everywhere around the inn, we are all being treated to it’s wonderful aroma!  Well, you will just have to visit us!

Japanese White Lilac Tree

Very old Japanese White Lilac Tree at the Greenville Inn

white lilacs

Close-up of Japanese White Lilace Tree blossom

This very old tree blooms late in June after all the other lilac bushes and blooms are gone.  When the blooms are finished, they give the illusion of snow flurries floating down around us.

Lavender, white & purple bell flowers

Lavender, white & purple bell flowers are all in bloom

Our lavender is in bloom which adds to all the fragrances in our gardens.

The white & purple bell flowers are blooming in several of the perennial gardens.


Lovely peonies in bloom

The peonies are blooming and our butterfly bush seems to grow by inches each day!

a green greenville Inn

Everything is “green” at the Greenville Inn!

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Who says males don’t do “housework”?

Male Bluebird tends to nest inside birdhouse

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“Moosterpiece” Craft Fair

Craft Fair in Downtown Greenville

“Moosterpiece” Craft Fair

Kids games, face painting, cotton candy

Date: June 12th, 2010
Time: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Location: Camden National Bank Parking Area

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Welcome Back, Mr. & Mrs. Bluebird

Welcome Back, Mr. & Mrs. Bluebird

We welcomed back our Bluebirds today!  Mrs. Bluebird is inside the birdhouse while Mr. Bluebird keeps watch.  Once the chicks are hatched, there will be a flurry of activity with both parents attending to them.  This birdhouse is right outside our dining room where we can observe them without scaring them away.  This is the 4th year we have had bluebirds in this birdhouse.  “Welcome Back!”

Mr. Bluebird Keeps Watch

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Glorious Weather!

Today is another glorious day…sunny, warm & clear blue skies!  All our perennial gardens are blooming…lupines & lilacs up at the cottages… columbine, hosta, wild roses, bleeding hearts, lilies, sedum, hydrangeas, asters, bells, cornflower,  forget-me-nots,  I love watching all of them come back every year…we have peonies all over the 5 acres and they are getting ready to explode!  My butterfly bush amazes me every year with how huge it gets.  Our two mature apple trees will continue to supply us with apples for desserts in the fall.  Our 6 new apple trees ( three Cortland  and  three Macintosh) made it through the winter and are growing well.  We planted six grapes vines last summer…all but one survived.  We hope, at the very least, we will eventually be able to make grape preserves in the future.

Our very old Japanese White Lilac Tree (it really is a tree) has many buds and it will bloom after all the other lilacs are done…

Japanese White Lilac Tree on the left of the main building, large Hydrangea on the right

(Maybe this year I will get a picure of it blooming!)

Guests went on a Moose Safari tonight and saw 10 MOOSE!

Our View of Moosehead Lake & Moose Mountains