Early this spring, Jeff started some zinnia seeds…

look at them now!



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The Katahdin’s 2012 Schedule

The Katahdin

KATAHDIN Sailing Schedule 2012

June 26th – October 7th

Tuesday – Saturday
No Cruises Sunday & Monday

September Slow Down
No regular cruises  Sept. 18 or 21, 2012

Tuesday – Saturday
Senior (65+)………..$29
11 to 16 years……..$18
Under 11……………….$3
(when accompanied by an adult)

Wednesdays – July 18, August 1,15,29, September 19, 26, & October 3.

Senior (65+)………..$34
11 to 16 years……..$21
Under 11……………….$5
(when accompanied by an  adult)

We accept Visa and MasterCard. Reservations are not required for our regular cruised as there is plenty of room onboard.

Take a cruise and then visit us for dinner!  Our guests can walk to it!   It is a lovely, relaxing and interesting ride!

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Spring Fling Discount

Stay 3 nights in May or June and receive a $100.00 discount!

Come enjoy our glorious spring season and receive a discount!

Prices starting at $380.00 for a 3 night stay, double occupancy. Subject to availability, tax not included. Must be consecutive nights, cannot be combined with any other package.

May & June are the best months to see a MOOSE!

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Two Cottages Get a New Look

We’ve added new KING pillow-topped beds to Cottage 4 and Cottage 5.  We took this opportunity to redecorate these two cottages in an upscale “lodge” look.

Both these spacious, private cottages include:

  • KING bed
  • an amazing view
  • sitting area
  • walk-in closet
  • Air Conditioning
  • private bathroom with towel warmer
  • refrigerator
  • coffee maker
  • outdoor seating
  • Cottage 5 also has a fireplace!
Cottage 4

Cottage 4

Cottage 4

Cottage 5

Cottage 5

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Room 25 Gets an Update

We have been very busy over the winter months!

We have given Room 25 an updated look.

We’ve added elegant creamy white wainscoting, a rich gold color and  new thick cranberry carpeting!

room 25

room 25

Room 25 is a located in a private area of the mansion and offers so many amenities:

  • KING pillow-topped bed
  • private bathroom with shower/tub combination (all our accommodations have private bathrooms!)
  • fireplace
  • fluffy robes
  • a comfortable sitting area

This is the perfect hideaway!

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Magnificent Maine Moose

Magnificent Bull Moose

These magnificent mammals fascinate everyone who visits us,

so I have compiled a list of some “Moose Facts”:

-In the Moosehead Lake area, moose outnumber humans 3 to 1!

-Moose are actually the largest of all the deer species.

-Males grow antlers, which can spread 6 feet (from end to end).  They shed their antlers in early winter and regrow them each year.  The main function of the antlers is to attract females.

-The flap of skin that sways beneath the moose’s throat is called a bell.

-Moose can only see a distance of 25 feet.

-Moose prefer to browse higher grasses & shrubs since lowering their heads to ground level can be difficult due to their height.

-Moose have no front top teeth.

-They eat shrubs & pinecones in the winter, but they also use their large hooves to scrape the snow & clear areas where they can dine on mosses & lichens.

-The hooves also support their heavy weight in the snow & mud much like snowshoes would.

-When the ice melts, moose are seen in lakes, rivers or bogs enjoying plant life above & below the surface.

-Moose are excellent swimmers and are quite at home in water.   They will even submerge completely and stay under water for more than 30 seconds.

-In spring & summer, moose are often seen licking the residual salt off roadways and eating the plants on the edges of the roads.

-Moose can run up to 35 miles an hour over short distances.

-Male moose, called bulls, will bellow to attract females during October, otherwise known as “rutting season”.

-Females, called cows, give birth in the spring to one or two calves-each weighing 30 punds.  After the first calf, they quite often have twins.

-Young moose stay with their mothers until the following mating season, at which time they are called a “yearling”.

-Moose are very solitary animals and even though they may feed in close proximity to each other, they tend to ignore each other.

So…if you are interested in seeing these amazing animals…come up to Moosehead Lake!

Taking a guided tour is the best way to see a moose.  We can arrange a tour with a Registered Maine Guide or give you suggestions.

Guided tours are available May 15- October 6.

We also have many other activities such as hiking, fishing, kayaking, canoeing, sea plane rides, white water rafting, leaf-peeping, scenic byways…

and…of course…relaxing!

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2012 USCC Snowmobile Race

Come join us for the 3rd Annual USCC Snowmobile Race on the West Cove of Moosehead Lake in Greenville’s Junction!  Watch as amateur and pro racers compete for trophies, cash, and bragging rights as they race around a 5 mile course.  This is a fun filled family activity so don’t miss out!    Spectators will also have a chance at a big money drawing at 2pm!  Join us at the Junction Wharf Sunday March 18th for the King of the Lake Radar Run too! Watch as men & women compete to see who has the fastest machine!

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Fresh Snow!

We awoke to this beautiful scene today…9 inches of fresh snow!

Our view of Moosehead Lake & Moose Mountains

Greenville Inn February 2012

East Cove of Moosehead Lake & The Katahdin

Snowfest 2012

Friday, February 17, 2012 until Saturday, February 25, 2012

❄  ❄  ❄  ❄  ❄

February 17th-25th

February 17, 2012 at 5:00-7:00 PM

$5.00 donation at the door

Chili, Chowder & More! Cookoff

Snofest Week Begins with the Annual Chili, Chowder and More Cookoff.  Individual entries welcome!

❄  ❄  ❄  ❄  ❄

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February 19, 2012 at 1:00 PM
8th Annual Moosehead Lake Chocolate Festival

Delectable Delights

A tantalizingly delicious event sponsored by the Moosehead Chamber of Commerce. A great place to take the whole family. Choose 12 samples from a selection of 30 delectable chocolate desserts. For the kids there is a special Children’s corner with unique food & prizes. And as always you can place a bid on the great items in our Chinese Auctions.

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❄  ❄  ❄  ❄  ❄

February 25

Guided Family Lunchtime Ride/Cookout

on Prong Pond

10:00 AM -Meet at Moosehead Riders’ Clubhouse


B52 Commemorative Ride

On January 24, 1963 a United States Air Force Boeing B-52C Stratofortress, with nine crew members on board, lost its vertical stabilizer and crashed on Elephant Mountain in Piscataquis County, Maine, six miles (9.7 km) from Greenville. The pilot and the navigator survived the accident.

This annual memorial snowmobile ride honors those aboard the B-52.

Sat, Jan 19, 2013 – Moosehead Riders Snowmobile Club House,
Scammon Rd., Greenville

Meet at the clubhouse for a Spaghetti Luncheon at noon and then ride to Elephant Mountain.

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