✰Bald Eagles✰

We saw these two bald eagles close to an ice shack on a local lake.   The one on the left is clearly a mature bald eagle , while the one on the right appears to be an adolescent.

We have been having fun with some possible conversations between them

(The one on the left is speaking):

“So…you be the ‘look-out’, and I’ll find a way in.”

“Do ya’ think they got any bait in there?”

“I know that I’ve seen fish come out of there…”

“Do ya think there’s any bait in there?”

“I know I’ve seen fish coming out of there…”


“You be the look-out…”

Want to see some bald eagles?  How about some moose?

We have guides that will take care of everything!

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2016 Wilderness Sled Dog Race


Feb. 6, 2016

SDC11167 copy



Join us at Moosehead Lake for the 11th Annual Wilderness Sled Dog Race.

~There will be approximately 30 teams from all over the US and Canada.

~This year there will be 30 and 70 mile races.

~Come early to check out the teams before they leave the starting gate.

~Race starts at Leisure Life Resort.

~There will be a day full family activities, kids activities, educational programs & activities, a bonfire and, of course, refreshments!

~While you are here, enjoy all the other fun activities we offer in Greenville–snowmobiling, ice fishing, dog-sledding, snow-shoeing, downhill skiing, x-country skiing…and of course–shopping!

~We also offer a Winter Waterfall Tour which is really “cool“!~



VLUU L200  / Samsung L200  SDC11169 copy – Version 2


Feb. 6, 2016

Leisure Life Resort
Village St, Greenville, Maine
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Moosehead Lake’s “Moose Head”

Have you ever wondered why this vast lake is called Moosehead Lake?

The only way to see the actual moose head is by air.

I have been on several sea plane rides at Moosehead Lake but I have never actually see the

moose head, until my most recent trip…

Moose Head shape seen from sea pl

Do you see the moose head?

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New Private Deck on Cottage 6!

Cottage 6 now includes a newly constructed private deck.  The spacious 12′ x 12′ deck provides comfortable seating and privacy…can’t you just see yourself with an early morning cup of coffee taking in all the serenity?

Cottage 6 DeckCottage 6 interior


Cottage 6 also has:

~electric fireplace

~bathroom with a towel warmer



~walk-in closet

~coffee maker


~cable HDTV/DVD

~a great view!

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✰So Much To Do Eight-Day: Summer/Fall Itinerary

8 Day Moosehead Lake Summer/Fall Itinerary

There is so much to do…you can find something to do everyday!


Moosehead Lake- a “Bird’s Eye View” from a seaplane

Moose Safari

Moose Safari

Let us help you plan your trip which will start at…

The Greenville Inn

Here are some suggestions:

  • Day 1Seaplane Ride: Moosehead Lake is the biggest sea plane base east of the Mississippi, so take in the massive Moosehead Lake by viewing it from a seaplane.
  • Day 2: Moose Safari: Take a guided tour by an expert Maine Guide to a remote area where you will then board a canoe.   You will observe wildlife such as moose, loons, river otters and bald eagles.  Many times the moose are actually swimming right in front of you!
  • Day 3: Take a 30 minute scenic drive to a boat launch where you will board a boat taxi and take a short ride to historic  Mount Kineo. Take one of the various paths (depending on your ability) to the top where the views are magnificent!
  • Day 4: Take a relaxing cruise up Moosehead Lake on the historic steamboat the Katahdin.
  • Day 5: Take a picnic lunch and hike to a magnificent gorge called Gulf Hagas (also called the Grand Canyon of Maine)
  • Day 6: White Water Rafting: The Moosehead Lake Region is situated between 3 white water rafting rivers, so choose a ½ day or whole day trip on one of the various leveled rivers by a licensed Maine white water guide.
  • Day 7: Rent a kayak or canoe and explore Moosehead Lake’s many coves.
  • Day 8:   Fishing: Moosehead Lake and the surrounding lakes and rivers offer a multitude of fishing choices.  Local outfitters and guides will gladly plan a day trip and take care of all the details for you.

Of course, your days will start and end at the historic Greenville Inn where you will enjoy scrumptious breakfasts and dreamy nights…

“this is as good as it gets!”

photo 3

fabulous sunset

Fabulous Sunsets

The Katahdin

The Katahdin

✰Moose Mainea 2015

Magnificent Bull Moose

Magnificent Bull Moose

Every spring, the Moosehead Lake Region hosts a celebration of the MOOSE.

Join us in celebrating our most famous resident- the MOOSE!

On Saturday, May 16th, there will be some fun activities and demonstrations at the Greenville School grounds.

10:00 am -4:00 pm

✰Check Availability✰

(The months of May & June are the best time to see moose!  Take advantage of our Spring pricing!)

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Moosehead Lake is Truly a Jewel

A jewel has many facets and our jewel, Moosehead Lake, is no exception!


Follow along and I am sure one of “these facets” will spark your interest to visit this wonderland:

–>Incredible scenery in every direction–this becomes immediately obvious to anyone who researches or visits the area.  Whether you are on top of one of our many mountains or on the photo 3lake itself…you will be astounded by the beauty that surrounds you!

–>Town of Greenvillethe quaint little town is chock-full of gift shops, “one-of-a-kind restaurants”, varied lodging choices & two small parks (where you can savor the ice cream cone you just purchased!)

–>Historic Steamboat “The Katahdin”–this restored boat sails up Moosehead Lake starting on June 24th

Restored Steamboat "The Katahdin"


–>Outdoor activities for every level–so much to do, regardless of your level of expertise.  There are hikes that are easy  to SONY DSC

Snowmobiles Parked on East Cove

Snowmobiles Parked on East Cove of Moosehead Lake

challenging; canoeing; kayaking; snowmobiling; snow-shoeing;  skiing; dog sledding; ice fishing; ATV riding; fishing & white water rafting.

–>Three (3) Sea Plane Bases–this is truly the best way to take in the immense size of Moosehead Lake..it is, after all, 40 miles long with over 70 islands!

Flying over Moosehead Lake

View from the Greenville Inn


–>Wildlife Viewing–the #1 reason guests visit the area is to view our most popular resident….the moose!  In early Spring, they can be seen on the sides of roads eating the new, salty grass.  In the summer, hiring a Maine Registered Guide is highly suggested…they know all the secrets spots where the moose hang-out!moose in the mist copyright


–>Waterfalls–so many waterfalls that a website and guide were created (you can do this activity year round).OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

–>Four Seasons of Things to Do–the area has something to do every season!

It is easy to understand why Moosehead Lake is truly a jewel!! 

Come see this jewel!!  Check Availability

scenic byway

Scenic Byways

Winter Waterfalls

Winter Waterfalls

Waterfall in the Spring

Waterfall in the Spring

View from the cottages




✰Trace the Footsteps of Thoreau✰


Celebrate the publication of Henry David Thoreau’s “The Maine Woods” with a private, informative tour to a portion of the land Thoreau explored with his Penobscot Indian guides (also named the Thoreau-Wabanaki Trail).

On your four-hour jeep & canoe excursion, you will learn about Thoreau’s travels in the wilderness of Maine (including Moosehead Lake: “America’s Crown Jewel”) and why his last words were “Indian” and “moose”.

To commemorate your trip, you will receive a gift bag containing a copy of Thoreau’s book, “The Maine Woods”, a “Maine Survival Kit” and a unique “Greenville, Maine” souvenir.

3 night stay with breakfast at a private table included each morning while viewing the magnificent Moose Mountain Range. Prices starting at $687.00 for a party of 2. $50.00 extra per person (maximum 4 guests)

May 15- October 13


-3 night accommodation
-Breakfast each morning at a private table

-Private 4 hour guided tour
-All transportation included
-Thoreau’s book, “The Maine Woods”
-“Maine Survival Kit”
-“Greenville, Maine” souvenir
*Does not include tax or gratuity. Subject to availability. Minimum of 3 night stay.

Check Availability

photo 3

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✰Maine Gold!✰

Buckets collecting the pure gold!

Buckets collecting the pure gold!

In New England, maple sugaring is the first sign that Spring is on its way!  The state of Maine is one of the very few places where the sap from a maple tree can be tapped and then turned into maple syrup, which we call “liquid gold”.

This is part of what makes Maine and Maine Maple Syrup so special.

Maple sap cannot be harvested just anywhere there are maple trees.  Particular weather conditions are necessary in order for the sap to flow correctly for harvesting. Freezing and thawing creates the pressure level needed to get the sap flowing.  Therefore, warm days and cold nights make for ideal maple sugaring conditions.

When the pressure from a maple tree thawing reaches a certain level, sap is then collected. This pressure allows the sap to flow from the small holes that are made to collect the sap.

Most of the sap is gathered the old-fashioned way, in buckets hung from trees (which you see photos of on this page) and boiled down to syrup over wood fires. There are larger producers that use labor saving modern technology. They gather the sap with plastic tubing strung all the way from the trees (if you drive along Maine’s back roads you will see many blue tubes), gravity fed to the “sugar house”.  Once the sap flows from the tree, the sap must be processed within a few hours or it will spoil, thus, syrup makers work around the clock.

From the holding tanks (which may hold as much as a thousand gallons), the fresh sap (usually about 3% sugar) is fed continuously into the evaporator. There it is kept constantly boiling as it becomes more concentrated. When the syrup reaches a temperature of 219 degrees, the sugar-density is perfect.  Immediately, the syrup is filtered to remove particles of “sugar sand.” These, although harmless, would make the syrup cloudy. After it is clear, the finished syrup is packed in sterilized containers and sealed, ready to be enjoyed around the world.

The syrup can be dark and rich, or pale, gold and delicate.  Paralleling wine, much depends on the soil composition and terrain, as well as the wind and the weather.

It takes approximately 40 years for a sugar maple tree to reach tapping size.  In a good year, one large tree may produce as much as 60 gallons of sap without suffering any injury. That may seem like quite a lot, until you realize that the sap will be reduced to only about 1½ gallons of syrup!

“Maine Maple Sunday” is held every year on the fourth Sunday in March, which is

March  22nd this year.

This event is when Maine maple producers open their doors to the public to demonstrate maple syrup making.   Visitors can experience personally with free samples of maple syrup on ice cream, mini pancakes and muffins, maple candy, door prizes and much more at some of Maine’s best maple syrup producers.

Smell the aroma as boiling sap fills the air and is transformed into sweet Pure Maine Maple Syrup!

Contact us for participating businesses in our area

Maple Tree Tapped

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❄ Ski for FREE! ❄

Stay with us for 2 consecutive nights on weekends in February or during the week of Feb. 14-22 and receive a One Day Ski Pass for Big Squaw Mountain Ski Resort during the 2015 season!

While you are here, you can also do some dog-sledding, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, sight-seeing…

or just relax & enjoy our fabulous views!

(cannot be combined with any other discount)




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