100 Mile Sled Dog Race

The 100 Mile Wilderness Sled Dog Race is on Feb. 6th.  The is an anuual event, as long as they have snow…that is not going to be a problem this year!

The race starts in Greenville, Maine, 1 block below us in the Katahdin’s parking lot…it is alot of fun to view. There is a list of places to view the progress of the race.

Don’t miss this great event!  You might decide to try a guided Dog Sled Trip! www.greenvilleinn.com

The Moosehead Lake area has world-class snowmobiling, ice fishing and snow-shoeing…so much to do…and after the latest snowstorm….boy, do we have the SNOW!

Experience Moosehead Lake

dog sledding

Dog Sledding

More Snow Photos

I ventured out today, eventhough it was still snowing.  Snow is getting pretty high!  Some of the stores downtown will need to be dug out.

We have some drifting in the back so the snow is several feet deep…haven’t made it out there yet!

Mountains are coming back in view

Mountains are starting to come back in view

Downtown getting snowed in

Snow is piling up in front of stores

The Katahdin

The Katahdin with the Greenville Inn in the background (it is still snowing)

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Snowstorm at Twilight

I’ve been waiting to get a twilight photo of the inn before we take down the Christmas Lights so I went out in the snow one more time…snow is pretty deep…we think we got about 8 or 9 inches so far today…and it is going to keep snowing until tomorrow?

Lots of snow for all the winter sports…actually everytime we get new snow, it just “looks prettier”…I know all the sports enthusiasts are thrilled about all this white stuff…but I just like the fresh, white, clean look.  Eventually, we will have to put up with the snow getting dirty looking in the Spring, but maybe for now we’ll keep getting small snowfalls that will clean it up every couple of days!

These will be my last pictures until it stops snowing…check back with me tomorrow.

Christmas Lights in the Snow

Christmas Lights in the Snow

Snowstorm at Twilight

Snowstorm at Twilight

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First Snowstorm of 2010

Katahdin in Snowstorm Jan. 2, 2010

The first snowstorm of 2010…and I’m sure it won’t be the last!

I just took these pictures of the inn and the steamboat The Katahdin.  You can see the snow falling in some of them.  It is snowing so hard that you can’t see the lake or the mountain views.

When this storm is finished tomorrow, I’ll be able to take some great photos of the mountains & lake.

Snow Covered Town

Greenville Inn Snowstorm Jan. 2, 2010

Lots of Snow

Where did the mountains go?


Dog-sledding and Moonlight Snow Shoeing

We have partnered with a local guide to offer both dog-sledding and snow shoeing packages. With all the snow that has already fallen this year, it will be perfect for both sports!

Dog-sledding packages can be 1/2 or full day (with lunch).  The dogs are well socialized and you will be surprised how they each have their own unique personality.  We have both gone dog-sledding and we really loved it!

How about snow shoeing in the moonlight?  Our guides offer flexibility in both duration and time of day.

If you are looking for “green sports”...these definitely are!!!

Visit our site to view winter packages.  Book early for spring packages, summer packages or fall packages

Contact us and we will set it up for you!  www.GreenvilleInn.com 1-888-695-6000

Jeff & terry dog-sledding

Jeff & Terry dog-sledding

Snow Activities Abound!

With the cold temps we have been having, the lake is freezing and should be ready for ice fishing and the start of ice racing…yes, there actually is ice racing on the lake.

The ice racing takes place on Saturday afternoons and is on the West Cove of Moosehead Lake.  The cove looks like a parking lot with all the spectators parked on the ice enjoying the race.  The ice usually gets 3 feet thick, so driving trucks and cars is commonplace.

I have tried to photograph the ice races in previous years, but my simple diital camera could never catch the action.  This year, I hope to be more successful with my new Sony DSLR a380 which is capable of capturing action shots.  I am just beginning to experiment with it.  The pictures below are some of my first attempts.  Let us know what you think.

With the large amount of snow forecasted, I am hoping to also get some great snow shots…the only issue will be how to get to the road if we get as much snow as they are forecasting.  I hope it isn’t windy so the snow will just be “floating” down and I will be able to take advantage of it.

All of our guests have arrived safely and have enjoyed the sunny (although very cold) day today.  We are very happy that the wind has stopped!

We hope everyone has a very happy, healthy New Year!!

Oh, Christmas Tree

Oh, Christmas Tree!

Christmas Cheer

Christmas Cheer




Some of Terry’s Nutcrackers

Send a Winter Wonderland E-Card

This link will take you to Yankee Magazine, where you can send an e-card of our beautiful Winter Wonderland…yes, I took the picture myself!

It’s free and easy!  (it has to be if I can do it!!!) send an E-card

Send an e-card

Winter Wonderland View from Greenville Inn

Winter Wonderland View from Greenville Inn

Still Time To Order Gift Certificate!

We are still processing last minute Gift Certificates!

To order securely online Greenville Inn Gift Certificate


Four Season Inn


Christmas Lights

My favorite part of the holidays is enjoying all the Christmas lights.  When you think about it…each house and business is decorated to give some joy to others who will see them.  As different as each of us are,  so is each place uniquely decorated.  

Thank you to all who decorate for us to enjoy!



Christmas Lights


Now that’s a lot of SNOW!

Thought everyone might like to see some photos from last year…I think we had over 10 FEET of snow…and we’re off to a great start this year…and it isn’t even officially winter yet!!!  We anticipate a GREAT snowmobiling season!

Lots of snow!

Walls of snow at the back of the inn

Snowmobiler’s Paradise!