Look at All Those Snowmobilers!

Driving around Greenville and Moosehead Lake, Maine, you’ll see  snowmobiles everywhere.   The snowmobilers are out in force and are taking advantage of the excellent trails.

We have been blessed with so much Snow
that all the winter sports

are being enjoyed to the max!

The East and West Coves of Moosehead Lake are each looking like parking lots

(for snowmobiles!)

Snowmobiles Parked on East Cove of Moosehead Lake

Snowmobiles Parked on West Cove of Moosehead Lake

Snowmobilers “Zipping-along” on Moosehead Lake

Are YOU ready to have some fun?

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Ice Fishing on Moosehead Lake

There were many snowmobilers and ice fisherman today on Moosehead LakeIce fishing is a very popular sport up here in northern Maine and there were many out there today.  These are some folks fishing with their ice shacks.

No… it isn’t the movie “Grumpier Old Men”…but it is pretty close!

Ice Fishing and Snowmobiling on Moosehead Lake, Maine

There is so much to do in Greenville, Maine…

Contact us and let us arrange Ice Fishing, Dog Sledding, Snow Shoeing, or Snowmobiling Packages

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Greenville Inn on the Front Page of Newspaper

Get the latest edition of the Moosehead Messenger…you will see Terry’s photo of

“The Greenville Inn at Twilight During a Snowstorm” on the front page….

what an honor!

The Moosehead Messenger is a local newspaper located in Greenville, Maine.

Twilight Snowstorm Enhances the Magic of the Greenville Inn

So much going on at Moosehead Lake, Maine…keep current with all the latest & upcoming events, news on snowmobiling, ice fishing, dog sledding, moose sightings…with The Moosehead Messenger and Up North Magazine.

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This is really OUR POINT OF VIEW!

Moose Mountain Range

Moose Mountain Range

Come see our “point of view”

This is really our view of the Little and Big Moose Mountains (previously named Big & Little Squaw Mountains).

Moosehead Lake is surrounded by some magnificent mountains:

  • Big Moose Mountain-(previously known as Big Squaw Mountain) At 3,196 feet, Big Moose Mountain dominates the view to the west from the Moosehead Lake area. The view from the top of the mountain is famous for viewing the Moosehead region and its many lakes and mountains.  This mountain was home to the first fire tower in the United States, built by M.G. Show in 1905.
  • Little Moose Mountain-The Little Moose Mountain Trail provides 9 miles of hiking along the ridgeline from one scenic overlook to the next. Hikers then descend into a forested bowl containing the Moose Ponds, an area that feels truly remote, but only 3 miles from town.
  • Elephant Mountain- looks like the profile of an elephant-it really does!  On January 24th, 1963, a B-52 Stratofortress-C crashed with 2 of its  9 crew surviving the -14 degree temperature.  Every year there is a Memorial Snowmobile Ride  to the wreckage on Elephant Mountain in honor of the brave men who served during the “Cold War”.
  • Little Spencer Mountain-Little Spencer Mountain climbs to 2,992 feet (911.96 meters) above sea level. Little Spencer Mountain is located at latitude – longitude coordinates (also called lat – long coordinates or GPS coordinates) of N 45.759208 and W -69.528389.
  • Big Spencer Mountain-(also called Number Four Mountain)this mountain has a 2,890 foot summit and has a fire tower, the fourth ever erected in Maine, which was active for nearly eighty-five years from 1906 until 1991.
    • Mount Kineo-this has  700-foot (210 m) cliffs rising straight up from the water, is a dramatic setting that has attracted visitors for centuries.

Contact us for ideas of how to enjoy Maine’s Mountains & Lakes

Amazing Mountains in Maine

You don’t have to go out west to see some amazing mountains.  Maine has some pretty incredible mountains.  Anyone taking a ride around Maine is continuously surprised how breathtaking each mountain range is…and there are so many!

While on one of our adventures, I took these pictures…breathtaking, right?  Scenic drives, fun activities, fresh air, relaxing atmosphere, wildlife (moose!), area festivals…and you need more?  Ask us

maine mountains

Snowcapped Mountains in Maine

Maine Mountain Range

Maine Mountain Range

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1866 Suspension Bridge in Maine

We went off exploring today and saw signs that said “Wire Bridge”…so we followed the road signs and found this very historic “Wire Bridge”…yes, it is called The Wire Bridge.

The “Wire Suspension Bridge”  in Maine is a unique structure, and reported as the only survivor of four such bridges built in Maine in the 1800’s.  It is most likely the only such bridge still standing in the United States.

Records indicate that the building of this bridge began in 1864 and was completed in 1866.  David Elder and Captain Charles B. Clark, were responsible for the bridge design and construction.

The  two towers are constructed of timber framing and are covered with boards protected by cedar shingles. In 1959, the 99th Maine Legislature enacted legislation for the preservation of this bridge. The bridge was renovated in 1961, when the tower bases were capped with concrete, the towers were rebuilt, steel suspender rods were replaced by steel cables, and a new timber deck was installed. The tower framing timbers and the main support cables are the original material. The span between the two towers is 198 feet.

You never know what you will find when you go exploring in New England!

wire bridge 1

Historic Suspension Wire Bridge

wire bridge 2

1866 Historic Suspension Bridge

1866 Suspension Bridge in Maine

Ask us about some scenic byways to see more historic sites.


The bridge is still used today!

Historic Maine Bridge

New England Covered Bridge

On your way to visit Moosehead Lake, you can have  a “Kodak” moment (the older generations will understand that term!) at one of New England’s Covered Bridges.  River is not frozen yet, but will be very soon.  In the summer, there is a picnic area close by…talk about a “Kodak” moment!    Visit Maine!

New England Covered Bridge

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The Mountains are Back!

We are still getting “snow showers” but we can see the Moose Mountain Range and Moosehead Lake again.

With the sun peeking in and out, the snow is melting off our roof and is making some pretty spectacular icicles!  Visit the area & enjoy the views!     www.GreenvilleInn.com


Some "cool" icicles

The Katahdin & the East Cove

Mountains & Lake Back In View!

"Catch a wave"…Maine style!

We took a ride today to Bangor and thought everyone would appreciate this picture…northern Maine has “waves” too!  Visit us up here to go snowmobiling, ice fishing, dog sledding, and snow shoeing  www.greenvilleinn.com

Maine Style Wave

A Maine Style "Wave"

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Snowfest -The Moosehead Lake Region has 2 weeks of winter fun activities!    Most activites take place just one block away! www.greenvilleinn.com

Some of the scheduled events around Greenville are:

February 6, 2010 at 9:00 AM

30 Mile  Sled Dog Race

Hundreds of Sled dogs and their mushers will head to Greenville, Maine for this race. Experienced dog teams travel from all over New England and Canada to participate in one of only three distance sled dog races in the region. Spectators are invited to meet the mushers & teams at the  IF&W lot on Village Street in Greenville or at one of many viewing sites.

February 7, 2010 at 8:30 AM
Family Ice Day at Sawyer Pond
Want to learn to ice fish?  Learn the basic skills required to catch fish under the ice.  Bring warm clothes and your fishing license.Fishing equipment will be supplied or you can bring your own. Hot food and drinks will be provided. Participation is limited so call and leave your name, number of participants and your telephone number. Call:  Sally Tournquist 207-280-0990

fish tale

This is no “Fish Tale”!

February 12, 2010 at 5:30 PM
Moosehead Riders Chili/Chowder and more Cookoff
Annual cook-off featuring many of our best local chefs.

Chocolate Heaven

February 14, 2010 at 1:00 PM
Annual Moosehead Lake Chocolate Festival
A tantalizingly delicious event sponsored by the Moosehead Chamber of Commerce. A great place to take the whole family. Choose 12 samples from a selection of 30 delectable chocolate desserts. For the kids there is a special Children’s corner with unique food & prizes. And, as always, you can place a bid on the great items in our Silent & Chinese Auction.

February 18, 2010 at 10:00 AM
Horse/Wagon Ride-Fireworks and Fun
Horse/wagon ride starts at 10 to about 2. There will also be a clown, jugglers and face painting at the Museum with free hot chocolate at Auntie M’s. Later that evening will be fireworks on the ice by the Forestry Dept. All is free and sponsored by J&L Waitkus.

Location:  Katahdin Parking Lot & Museum (right below us)

February 19, 2010 at  7:00 PM

Snowmobile Ride and Bonfire

at the East Cove of Moosehead Lake