✰See a Moose!✰

You want to get up close to the largest animal in the north woods? Let us arrange a moose tour with a local Maine guide. You will visit remote ponds and paddle canoes or kayaks right into the prime moose habitat. The record for viewing moose on a single trip is 22!

Your guide will pick you up here, at the Greenville Inn.  Morning or evening moose tours last approx. 4 hours. You can expect a couple hours on the water. Morning moose tours typically depart around 6 a.m. but can be structured to fit your personal schedule. Evening moose tours span the last 4 hours of the day.

If a moose tour is canceled (by the guide), due to inclement weather your Moose Safari will be rescheduled or refunded, your choice.

A moose safari is also a great way to do some “leaf peeping” during our magnificent foliage season!

Morning or Evening tours with a 2 night stay, starting at $563.00

(for a party of 1 or 2)

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