Moosehead Lake is Truly a Jewel

A jewel has many facets and our jewel, Moosehead Lake, is no exception!


Follow along and I am sure one of “these facets” will spark your interest to visit this wonderland:

–>Incredible scenery in every direction–this becomes immediately obvious to anyone who researches or visits the area.  Whether you are on top of one of our many mountains or on the photo 3lake itself…you will be astounded by the beauty that surrounds you!

–>Town of Greenvillethe quaint little town is chock-full of gift shops, “one-of-a-kind restaurants”, varied lodging choices & two small parks (where you can savor the ice cream cone you just purchased!)

–>Historic Steamboat “The Katahdin”–this restored boat sails up Moosehead Lake starting on June 24th

Restored Steamboat "The Katahdin"


–>Outdoor activities for every level–so much to do, regardless of your level of expertise.  There are hikes that are easy  to SONY DSC

Snowmobiles Parked on East Cove

Snowmobiles Parked on East Cove of Moosehead Lake

challenging; canoeing; kayaking; snowmobiling; snow-shoeing;  skiing; dog sledding; ice fishing; ATV riding; fishing & white water rafting.

–>Three (3) Sea Plane Bases–this is truly the best way to take in the immense size of Moosehead is, after all, 40 miles long with over 70 islands!

Flying over Moosehead Lake

View from the Greenville Inn


–>Wildlife Viewing–the #1 reason guests visit the area is to view our most popular resident….the moose!  In early Spring, they can be seen on the sides of roads eating the new, salty grass.  In the summer, hiring a Maine Registered Guide is highly suggested…they know all the secrets spots where the moose hang-out!moose in the mist copyright


–>Waterfalls–so many waterfalls that a website and guide were created (you can do this activity year round).OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

–>Four Seasons of Things to Do–the area has something to do every season!

It is easy to understand why Moosehead Lake is truly a jewel!! 

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scenic byway

Scenic Byways

Winter Waterfalls

Winter Waterfalls

Waterfall in the Spring

Waterfall in the Spring

View from the cottages




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