Glorious Weather!

Today is another glorious day…sunny, warm & clear blue skies!  All our perennial gardens are blooming…lupines & lilacs up at the cottages… columbine, hosta, wild roses, bleeding hearts, lilies, sedum, hydrangeas, asters, bells, cornflower,  forget-me-nots,  I love watching all of them come back every year…we have peonies all over the 5 acres and they are getting ready to explode!  My butterfly bush amazes me every year with how huge it gets.  Our two mature apple trees will continue to supply us with apples for desserts in the fall.  Our 6 new apple trees ( three Cortland  and  three Macintosh) made it through the winter and are growing well.  We planted six grapes vines last summer…all but one survived.  We hope, at the very least, we will eventually be able to make grape preserves in the future.

Our very old Japanese White Lilac Tree (it really is a tree) has many buds and it will bloom after all the other lilacs are done…

Japanese White Lilac Tree on the left of the main building, large Hydrangea on the right

(Maybe this year I will get a picure of it blooming!)

Guests went on a Moose Safari tonight and saw 10 MOOSE!

Our View of Moosehead Lake & Moose Mountains

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